60+ Cool Bookends to Keep Your Books in Place

Bookends – Your love for books might absolutely take you a long method. Not only will your horizon broaden, but you will likewise be able to maintain on your own entertained on days when every little thing appears like a standstill.

The only issue is: just how do you maintain all these hardbound duplicates of Judith McNaught’s, Paulo Coelho’s and also Dan Brown’s? This predicament comes to be more noticeable if you don’t have a huge home that can accommodate your personal collection.

You do not need to stress though as there are constantly little things that you can do to maintain your well-loved books. Amongst these ways is one that will certainly not cost you so much as this pair comes cheap: bookends.

Bookends do even more than simply to hold your books together. Right here are a few more points that this seeming worthless pair of steel (or marble, or wood) can give you with:

Bookends Can Keep Your Books Organized

Certainly, after you are finished with a specific book, you would certainly not be instantly reading it once again. Unless it is something that has actually maintained your rate of interest to the severe high, after that, it would certainly still refer months – and even years – before you’ll locate the requirement to read it once more.

So as opposed to putting your books on every edge of your space, why not place them in one place. Even better, rather than loading them, keep them upright and also support them with bookends. This method, it is much easier for you to situate a specific book.

Bookends are a Cheap Way of Displaying Your Collection

Accept it, any individual who likes books will always be thought of clever (although the fact is not always like that). If you display your books, currently you may not be envisioning yourself to be seen as a geek yet there surely is nothing wrong.

You have actually invested hundreds – if not a lot of money – for them. Bookends will successfully replace racks. The latter is pricey as well as would certainly take a great deal of area in your space.

Bookends Allow You To Display Your Creativity

If you have actually offered yourself adequate time to hunt for a variety of bookend styles, then you’ll understand that they are much more than just a boring set of tinted metal. Yes, bookends also are available in various other layouts as well as are made from different products (e.g. marble, wood).

You can also locate bookends that have various kinds of designs and complicated details layouts. Books are vital – no matter if they are simply referenced books or some action-packed books.

When you really feel that life has actually been such a drag, they provide you with helpful details and they maintain your business. They are additionally informative yet silent buddies in long lines or on coffee breaks.

It’s crucial to appropriately take treatment of them. After a few decades, they would certainly belong to the timeless style and also by then they ‘d be difficult to find. Obviously, to make them still functional after a number of years, you need to protect them – and also the easiest as well as probably the most inexpensive means of maintaining them is with using bookends.

With bookends, your valuable hard-bounds, as well as books, will undoubtedly enjoy a long life expectancy.

There are a lot of kinds of books as well as their bookends (some matching and also some totally ornamental or off in a category of their own), that matching a beautiful photo book or initial edition, or just the most effective selling thriller, with a lovely pair of bookends, is a special concept for gifting to a person unique.

It will make any kind of birthday or holiday or other unique events also much better if a person can obtain a book as well as a coordinating set of bookends as a present.

Animals are always preferred for children or grownups. Matching a book regarding elephants, for example, with a set of reclining, Indian elephants, performed in steel with aging, and also in addition to an item of burlwood, would certainly make a perfect gift for someone that loves Asia and all of its plants and animals.

One more bronzed as well as stretching set of felines done on a white marble base would go fantastic with a book concerning Ancient Egypt. There are additionally lots of designs of bird bookends you can locate and also one portraying gold eagles would certainly be fantastic for a person, in addition to a classic Audubon book.

Whether the person you are considering appreciates bears (what concerning Winnie The Pooh for youngsters?). Dogs (Old Yeller is traditional), or perhaps frogs (any number of books regarding princesses and also their frog royal princes, or a fantastic classic for children – The Wind in the Willows).

It would certainly make a superb present, along with the appropriate set of bookends done in resin, or wood, or bronze, or timber, or any kind of the number of materials. You can stack, after covering separately, the set of bookends on top of the guide as well as then tie with an expensive ribbon.

Currently, that’s a gift that anybody will keep in mind for a really long time! Here are some ideas about bookends that can enhance your home space.

Child Bookends – Cute Concrete Bear

child bookends

Teddy bears do it all: tea event ambassadors, sick-day registered nurses, as well as worthy protectors versus monsters under the bed. They can now happily include ‘curator’ to their remarkable return to! These little cuties snuggle right up to your preferred going to bed stories, keeping them easily available and all set for the following adventure.

Calvin and Hobbes

Hand-made laser engraved dancing Calvin and Hobbes bookends! Likewise ideal for DVD or computer game situation finishes. Each collection is a mix of old fashion woodworking and sci-fi laser cutting. Certain to please anybody with imaginary tiger pals. These are strong bookends as well as are totally constructed.

Dinosaur Bookends

Adorable dinosaur bookends – a fantastic enhancement to any kind of nursery or kids’ bedroom.

Decorative Metal Harry Potter Bookends

harry potter bookends

Per Piece Laser-cut Silhouette and the popular Quote about Magic on Either Side. Made from solid heavyweight steel. Non-slip cushioning on the base. Heavy enough to stand up your analysis collection. A set of 2 pieces.

Finished in Hammered Black Manufactured with Utmost Accuracy as well as Maintaining International Standard. Made from Stainless Steel Provides a Stunning accent for any kind of room in your house.

Superheroes Bookends – Captain America & Iron Man

Superheros are targeting at each various other as they are in Avengers. The Metal Bookend is made of Strong Steel and also is ideal for gifting to your youngster.

The product is made of two various parts, one on which Captain America is seen Holding his guard as well as the various other component showcasing Iron Man in his unique design of focusing on the Opponent.

Non-slipping padding/strips are provided at the toe of the product to keep it attest and also will not transmigrate throughout the use as a result of the encumbrance of books. A classic Rivalry between superheroes is rather interesting, this heavy-duty superheros Bookend is certain to interest fans of both sides.

Superman Bookends

Books lean on it at a unique angle, giving a sensation that they are about to collapse. The superhero personality appears to stop them avoiding them from dropping.

The area the bookend wall between guide cover and the first/last page of the book. Utilize a soft covered book (paperback). Lean various other books on it. Ensure guides cover at the very least the entire size of the bookend base.

Affix the superhero’s magnetic hand to the sustaining book’s cover and area it anywhere. Adhering to the above, extra books might be leaned on the bookend. Serves as well as makes an unusual present as a wonderful discussion starter.

Metal Tractor Bookends

metal bookends

Metal Tractor Bookends for the farming household. Painted Hammer Gray. Bonded together on the behind. Great for Home or Office. Birthday celebration, Christmas, or Housewarming present.

Game of Thrones Bookends

game of thrones bookends

These bookends are a wonderful addition to any fandom space. As the tv collection attracts to a close as well as we wait for the following book launch, arrange your library with some Westerosi flair! Really sturdy and also have an enjoyable heft to them.

Each set is a combination of old fashion woodworking and also sci-fi laser cutting and engraving. Rubber feet are after that contributed to the base to avoid sliding.

Animal Bookends

Elephant Family

elephant bookends

Location these in your office, living space, or perhaps a baby room to hold your most cherished books. Made from strong steel, these bookends are heavy adequate to hold up your book collection.

Wood Elephant

elephant bookends etsy

Do you still contemplate what to give your friend, boss, coworker or enjoyed a man? The perfect present has actually currently been found. The wood bookends from the mid-century modern age in the form of Elephants.

Moose Decor

moose bookends

Is it Meese? Or is it Mooses? Whatever it is, they’re part of our cute brand-new hill bookends! A beautiful hill scene with thorough trees and also Papa as well as Baby Moose. These bookends are excellent for a timberland or woodland themed mantel, workplace, or nursery.

Make a statement with these as a present for the pet and nature enthusiast in your life! Constructed from strong oak, our hill bookends are stunning, functional, and make a wayward addition to any space.

Moose Bookends

moose head bookends

Made from solid steel, these bookends are hefty sufficient to stand up your book collection.


cat bookends

The finesse of forms, gracefulness is loaded with bookends decorative aspects from black cats. A noble pet highlights the owner’s excellent preference, stressing the selection of compositions in the stand.

A splendid accessory will certainly be appropriate in any kind of shelf. Bookends Black Cats will come to be an important attribute for creative individuals, daring in their choices and striving to fill the whole space with a one-of-a-kind design.

Cat and also kitten bookends for tiny and huge cat fans.

Dragon Bookends

There are 2 splendid bookends in the form of a dream steampunk dragon. Fantastic piece and also extremely great on the shelf.


Vintage Owl Bookends
pair of owl wooden bookend

Hand-carved timber and also soft velvet fabric on the base. Great vintage condition with trivial indicators of the age as well as wear.

owls bookends

Kid’s bookends are best for any type of baby room and youngster’s room! These enjoyable bookends are sweet and unique as well as will certainly fit in with any type of design.

These look great on a dresser top, or shelf to hold your kid’s favored books. It would additionally make a great gift for unique events, like child showers or birthdays.

Set of ceramic owl bookends with a well-informed gaze. These hollow heavy owls are hefty enough to hold up your books.

These handmade, attractive wooden owl bookends will include a touch of forest fancifulness to any shelf! They won’t supply your mail, but they will certainly embellish your workplace, baby room, library, or dormitory room! Take pleasure in the magic every day or provide it as a present!

Vintage Wooden Bookends

This is a lovely pair of bookends with handmade owls. They are wood bookends that have old very great owls on them.

owl and woodpecker bookends
white onyx owls

Weiner Dog Bookends

weiner dog bookends

Lord Of The Rings Book Ends

Personalized hand-crafted bookends. Each product is made from green all-natural plywood, very carefully crafted for secure usage and also tinted with safe water-based paint. It can be a wonderful and very beneficial residence decoration, specifically for book enthusiasts.

Cooking Bookends

cooking bookends

Ornamental Metal Kitchen bookends – Fork and also spoon – will plainly mark what kinds of books remain in between. Utilize them in the kitchen area to hold a lot of your preferred recipe books.

Laser-cut for precision out of sheet steel, solid enough to hold a lot of preferred books. The bookends have anti unsafe silicon pads for additional furniture security.

bookends cooking theme

These modern-day, country-chic kitchen spatula and also whisk bookend are ideal for standing up those hefty cookbooks! Modern, easy design, these bookends are a terrific present for a house chef.

Nautical Bookends

nautical bookends

The anchor has actually come to be referred to as a symbol for journeys, security, as well as steadiness to many, seafarers, servicemen, the Marines, spiritualists, and lots of stars. The anchor was also used as a mark of want to very early Christians as well as graces numerous charm armbands today as a sign of hope. Whether the toughest storms and anchor your book collection with finely thorough Maritime Anchor cast iron sculptural bookend set as they hinge on a brick dock, with affixed rope on-line.

childrens nautical bookends

nautical themed bookends

This is a vintage set of Syroco Timber bookend. Like all Syroco points, they are made from some kind of resin kinda things that Syroco is renowned for.

They have their initial color. Do not have any kind of apparent chips or splits. They do have use from usage and also the really felt on their bottom is getting rather worn.

Their style features support with a line, or what landlubbers call rope, a number of sailboats as well as a lighthouse in the background.

wooden bookends

Whilst the world’s best altitudes are developed naturally, these attentively crafted hand-made Mountain Bookends suffice to generate a touch of wilderness as well as adventure to any special space. Picture this captivating scenery; a preferred book, a kids’ bed-time tale or unique diary snuggled among these rustic hazelwood hills.

Whether these are bought as a present for a unique newborn or as a personal reward for a passionate walker, this bookend will be a valued and also useful declaration item in any kind of residence.

via WhiteMantelMarket

Brighten up your mantel, rack, or infant baby room with these cute wood bookends! Solid oak bookend established with colorfully stained birch wildflowers.

These adorable household heirloom pieces are excellent for a baby pet nursery, a natural forest style kid’s space or for anyone that merely loves pets! The special blended wood composition brings richness, heat as well as a contemporary spirited style to any setting. They are absolutely amazing masterpieces that will certainly be treasured by families for generations.

Picture Frame Book Ends

picture frame book ends

Attractive glass framework bookends with an espresso wood surface. Photo frames can hold images that are 4″ x 6″, and also are kept in an area with 2 metal clips positioned near the ends of the bookend.

photo frame bookends

Western Bookends

western bookends


These fortunate horseshoe bookends are made from brand-new horseshoes. These are welded and afterward repainted Grey metal for longevity. This collection is likewise wrapped with twine to provide them that added a unique touch.

All bookends come with rubber feet on the base to safeguard surfaces from the ground up as well as likewise to supply and also firm grip versus your books. They make an excellent enhancement to any office or home.

western gun bookends

Developers Classic Bookends for Western designs Lovers. This Cowboy Cop Gun as well as Bullets bookends made with finest high-quality cool material.

Globe Bookends


globe bookends

Very great vintage pair of black wood world bookends. These quaint design globes are paper covered placed on a wood base and also encircled by a degree of the axis. They both have black felt on the base.

vintage globe bookends

Stone Bookends

stone bookends

natural stone bookends

Lighthouse Bookends

lighthouse bookends

Agate Bookends

agate bookends

Set of natural agate bookends in a stunning soft natural shade which can include different tones of beige, brownish, off-white grey and white. This Brazilian Agate stone bookends include a high sparkle coating to the front as well as additionally a natural raw agate back.

These agate bookends have all of the all-natural top qualities as well as additionally markings got in touch with this thrilling and also special rock. Perfect for attaining a boho-luxe style for your shelf as well as a coffee table.

agate bookends west elm

Agate is the crystal of Protection, Strength, and also Harmony. It is known for stabilizing yin/yang energy, guts, defense, recovery, as well as relaxing.

Agate boosts imagination as well as strengthens the intellect. Emotionally, agate gives guts, psychological stamina, self-esteem, and also eliminates fears. Agate is said to strengthen the body as well as the body’s connection to the earth. It also enhances power.

pink agate bookends

These agate bookends are brilliant and also gorgeous pink. An excellent enhancement to your crystal, work desk, study desk, or bookshelf collection.

Cool Bookends

cool bookends

Include some humor to your shelves with the Falling Bookend. Put your books on one side and also watch as they seem falling on a helpless personality stood beneath.

These classic bookends put a retro twist on your favorite bookends! In addition to holding every one of your preferred reviews, they are excellent for holding your record collection or any computer game you might have.

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